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What is the minimum number to book?


When booking on a scheduled sailing times there is no minimum requirement, we will go with 1 guest. Bookings outside the scheduled sailing times are by negotiation.



How many guests per cruise?

Each cruise is limited to 12 guests and 2 crew.



What age does my child need to be?

For safety children need to be over 5 years old.



Where do you depart from?

From the William Gunn Jetty, 1 Wyvernleigh Close, Manly. Manly is 40 minutes from Brisbane CBD and the Jetty is 1km from Manly Train Station. Parking is extremely limited and available in Fairlead Cr and Trafalgar St. (5 -10-minute walk to the Jetty).



What should I wear and bring?

Comfortable clothes, soft soled shoes, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and wind jacket.



Where do we go?

Depends on what cruise you book. For shorter cruises we sail in Waterloo Bay, near St Helena and Green Islands. On longer cruises we venture to some of Moreton Bay Islands. Our destination is always chosen on the best location for the current conditions.



Do you go out in bad weather?

We will cancel if there are current weather warnings or extreme weather conditions and reschedule on a day that suits both parties.



Do you supply Food?

We have a 4star BCC food licence. On our shorter cruises Tea, Coffee, Water, Soft Drinks and biscuits are provided. The longer cruises include a hearty lunch whilst at anchor and morning tea.



Can I BYO?

No, safety is of great importance. Iceberg is an ex-racer and passengers need to be aware and alert to sails and ropes at all times.

Complimentary Beer, Wine or Cider will be provided on certain cruises at the discretion of the Master.

Can I go swimming?

On the Sealife and Mystery Cruises there is time ashore where you can swim.


Can I book a Private Charter?

Yes, please email us the relevant information.



Do we go ashore?

On our longer cruises we transfer you ashore in Icecube our tender.


There you can swim, sit or walk the beach.



Can I buy Gift Certificates?

We have gift certificates available for all our cruise.

If you have any other questions we're happy to answer by email or phone.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.